Keeping up with your Garden Maintenance

Lockdown restrictions are finally easing and businesses are beginning to open up again after a difficult year, but things will be looking very different for a while yet. While the regulations on eating and drinking out are constantly changing, even when restrictions are lifted completely, many people will likely feel uncomfortable eating inside crowded pubs and restaurants for a long time to come.

It’s vital that anywhere serving food and drink has a welcoming and comfortable garden area in which customers can relax and dine while still observing social distancing from other groups. But what should you be doing to maintain your garden and ensure it remains an inviting space?

Weeding & Pruning

Late spring and summer are when weeds spring up everywhere, seemingly overnight in some cases. Weeding once a week should be enough to keep your garden looking tidy and inviting. Most trees and plants won’t need pruning in the summer, although some flowering plants and shrubs might start looking a little tatty and leggy later in the season so cut these back to maintain a pleasing shape if needed.

Be sure to deadhead spent flowers too – depending on the flower, you might get a second flush of blooms. In any case, deadheading will make your garden look smarter and well-maintained.

General Maintenance

Hopefully any major work will have been done before you re-opened after lockdown, but accidents and wear and tear will still happen. Wonky tables, damaged gazebos and chipped paint will make your garden look neglected and uncared for so it is worth attending to any repair jobs done as soon as possible.

If you’re lacking the time or skills to undertake tasks yourself, it is worth having the professionals at RCCS take care of all your garden maintenance needs. You can simply make a list of all the maintenance and repair jobs that need doing and get everything sorted out in one go, leaving your garden looking refreshed and ready to welcome guests.