The Do’s & Don’ts of Office Cleaning

An office is almost invariably a shared environment where employees will spend a significant portion of their day. It is vital to ensure that the space is kept clean for both hygiene and morale. Some simple rules can make this easy to achieve and maintain.

Food & Toilets

Every worker has a right to eat and should be encouraged to do so but this should be kept to certain areas. Do make sure there are clear areas to eat in, such as a break room. Don’t encourage eating at the desk. If snacking is common in the office, then suggest that staff also stretch their legs and walk away from their desk whilst eating.

The toilets are a necessary part of any workplace but it is easy for them to become unpleasant. Do make sure that employees flush toilets and thoroughly wash their hands. Don’t allow anything other than toilet paper to be flushed or there is a risk that waste pipes will become clogged.

Desks & Electronics

Desk space can often appear cluttered and disorganised. This is sometimes caused by an employee’s style of work but a few steps could encourage tidiness. Do ensure that there are sufficient folders and rubbish bins to aid immediate organisation into waste and important papers to retain. Don’t allow paperwork to build up; ensure it is dealt with regularly and allocate time for this if required.

Hardware such as computers and phones can have their life prolonged if they are looked after. If they are not cleaned correctly, it can affect their functionality. Do ensure that all electronics are cleaned at least once per week with microfibre cloths and specialist cleaning products. Don’t allow food or drinks to be consumed near devices in case they spill. Where possible devices should be turned off when leaving the office.

Following these simple steps, along with the expert support of our commercial cleaning team at RCCS can help keep your office happy and healthy.